Tony Blackburn Sounds Of The Sixties on BBC Radio 2
Please don't post music links until you have read through the pinned post, for reference below are the group rules.... Admin team. ****Pinned Post**** A group set up to promote Tony Blackburn's Sounds of the Sixties on BBC Radio 2, the Sixties are arguably the greatest musical era ever. To contact Tony Blackburn for him to mention you on the show and to get a music dedication please contact Tony at: Email - Twitter - @bbcradio2 Text - 88291 There are few rules in this group but just for reference please read: 1/This group has a zero tolerance policy relating to abuse of other group members. 2/Please remain respectful at all times when disagreeing with other group members opinions/viewpoints, if in doubt scroll past. 3/As endorsed by our group members this is a bicker free zone, please respect this always. 4/Only sixties content is allowed on the group wall so please adhere to this. 5/Please include the year when posting music links, and please don't guess the year. 6/We are fans of sixties music, we are also fans of Tony Blackburn so please bear this in mind at all times. 7/A maximum of 4 posts over a 4 hour period, any further posts added within this time frame will be taken down, members who continuously ignore this will be removed from the group. 8/Please could members refrain from posting negative posts/comments as this creates negativity throughout the group, for reference all negative/confrontational type posts will be removed by one of the admin team and the group member may be muted or removed from the group. If you don't like the track/post please scroll past, your negative opinion flies in the face of the poster who posted it because they like it. 9/No advertising, any posts will be removed and the poster will be removed from the group if they advertise without seeking admin approval. Please don't be offended if we mute you or put you on admin approval as we will occasionally do this if members don't acknowledge comments or messages from the admin team (this is only done in order for the group member to be made aware that they're posting incorrectly and once they've contacted admin and things have been explained this "should hopefully" no longer be necessary), or if things get too aggressive or confrontational, please remember it's not personal, a member of the admin team will message or address you directly if there are any major issues. This is a happy group of like minded folk, as long as we're able to continue in the same manner I'm sure we'll all appreciate each other and allow the group to flourish. Thanks for your support - The admin team.