Stay Informed Idaho
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Stay Informed Idaho is all about uniting together and sharing information for security and staying aware. You must live in Idaho to join. Rules: no selfies, pornography, talking down to one another, and threats of insurrection or harm to others. Violators will be removed after first offense. This is simply to survive the watchful eye of big brother. Otherwise I wouldn't care if you posted tits ot other..🤣
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St. Clair County MI Preparedness Group
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Welcome to the St. Clair County MI Preparedness Group, its not all about Communications but Coms can be life savers during emergency's. We welcome all Preppers who want to contribute and grow our group with tips and tricks to be better prepared for any natural or man made catastrophe.
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Education, Knowledge, Preparedness for WHEN, Not IF Practical Preparedness is to build preparedness through the assimilation of self-reliant survival skills, tested through practice, creating a stable self-reliant way of thinking and living that then extends itself into creating and inspiring others around you to build community and in turn strengthen our towns, states and nation as a strong group of individuals standing shoulder to shoulder to better serve themselves and others around them. This is our belief in the way to preserve the gift of liberty, happiness and our great nation. “There is No Disaster when YOU are Prepared “Survival is Every Day, Training and Practice! DISCLAIMER for MEMBERS - I do NOT KNOW You & Vice Versa Wanting to JOIN? Rule#1 ... No profile pic? Delete. End of story. Rule#2 ... Private profile? Delete. At least have enough available to determine if you are "real" with ideals of your own. Rule#3 ... No "substantial" posts on your page? Delete. Have some posts that indicates you are real person with a real thought process. Rule#4 ... Lewd or suggestive pics? Delete. I am happily married to a wife that can wear a mop as a wig & put on a potato sack for a dress and I still find HER sexy after all of these years! I do not care about your boobies or coochie! Rule#5 ... Crude, rude and uncouth? Delete. Self explanatory! Rule#6 ... Trying to get money from me? NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Delete. Rule#7 ... No accepting until I see some responses to my posts. I will not have a list of "lurker", "govt agents or wannabe's", "criminally insane" members.
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