Stoners, Loners & Boners
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Memes for the like (dirty) minded. Enjoy. Chill. Or be chilled. Absolutely NO hateful behavior (whatever we SAY it is) will be tolerated. Have fun. BE funny. Meme this mfr up. Im gonna. ?
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Sarcastic, Sexxy Memes & Pix and stuff that will offend you!!
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You must be 18+ to be in this group!! Be kind & courteous to other Members. This group is rated "R", you may share sexxy pix as long as they're not showing nipples, vaginas, penis' or testies. Butts are okay. If anyone does share a picture that Myself or an Admin sees unfit, it will be removed! No memes or pix of terrorism, abuse of any kind, pedophilia or children! If any member has a problem with another member please block that member. If any member has an issue that we should know about, message myself or an Admin, tag them in the group and ask them to check their messages. (To tag anyone type an @ then their name, no space). NO BLOCKING THE OWNER OR ADMINS, PERIOD! YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT! If someone posts something you don't like please scroll past it, don't Leave a negative remark. If you find it offensive message myself or an Admin and we WILL decide if it's something that needs to be removed!! Please share our group link & add your friends. The bigger the group the more fun it is. Most of all, Please participate in the group. You don't have to post if you choose not to but you can like and or comment on other's post's. You can also start a chat in the group at any time. Have fun!!???????????
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We're Rude, Crude, and Socially Unacceptable
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***WARNING***WARNING***WARNING*** THIS IS NOT THE PAGE FOR EASILY OFFENDED PEOPLE, TURN AROUND NOW, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED **Leave your drama out there, we're here for fun! JUST BECAUSE WE FIND TERRIBLE THINGS FUNNY, DOESN'T MEAN WE'RE TERRIBLE PEOPLE!!*** *If you find something you don't like/agree with, KEEP SCROLLING, no need to get into an internet "sword fight" with each other. You have your opinion, and they have theirs. Let each other live their lives how they choose!* I've got a dark & twisted sense of humor. I find some of the most awful things funny, doesn't mean I AGREE with them, but hell, IT'S FUNNY. If we can't laugh about all of the awful things in life, we may as well just get the hell out now. Please bear with me and give me some time to figure out how this whole thing works.
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