I won't vote until there is Naitional Voter ID" Party
Ok. How exciting is this? Were gonna need a spokesman, Conventioneers? I'd like some clever nomenclature. Were gonna need meme's. there has to be some by-laws and such. Oh and Admin. So sorry; I need some fine people to step up and take some charge. We need Celebrity's. We need grass root's footwork.
Chongold Xrump
Carl Phipps
Don Hansen
This group is being established for patriots who realize that we must take decisive action to restore our republic to a free nation once again . This is not a group for liberals or wannabees . Patriots only who are willing to act in the interests of the United States of America to restore freedom and liberty .
annie ulges
Anthony J Hilder
MI Conservative Roundtable
We are a small Patriot youtube, rumble, bitchute, telegram channel. We seek to influence the decent people of the United States. We do not ask for donations and do not accept them either. While we are located in Michigan, we discuss local, national and world politics. Sometime we just talk about life and free people,
Michael Cummins
Anthony J Hilder