Vaccine Risk Awareness UK
Vaccine Risk Awareness UK (VAN UK) was set up in 1997 by five couples who had concerns about the national vaccination programme and who had chosen not to vaccinate their children. One couple had been removed from three doctor's surgeries and denied medical care for refusing to vaccinate their daughter. They believed strongly that everyone should have access to medical care regardless of the medical choices that they make and that consent to treatment should be free from coercion and truly voluntary. It has always been our mission to support patient choice by providing information to studies about vaccination that the NHS don't provide. We support non-vaccinating parents as well as those who want to choose which vaccines their children receive. We support parent's whose children have been injured by vaccination and we have helped students studying this topic at school and university. We used to appear in mainstream media to debate the vaccination issue, but in recent years this has not been possible since the mainstream media will no longer debate the issue and now publish hate speech against anyone who queries vaccination. Since the 'Covid-19' lockdown we have been actively campaigning for the end of lockdowns and the rights of people who do not want to have vaccinations, including covid-19 jabs.
COVID Vaccine Injury/Deaths Stories
As many of us are Facebook refugees, we have come to Wimkin to celebrate freedom of speech. Recently, a group under the same name as this group was removed from Facebook for "spreading false information about the coronavirus vaccine." The information being posted was, and is, TRUTH! I invite you to share news reports of bad reactions, sickness, or deaths from the vaccine. People have a right to know what they are receiving when they get the vaccine. The government, the tech giants, and the mainstream media are trying to keep us in the dark, so PLEASE use this group to spread the word!
Chuck Turkal
A Wednesday
Adelia Vierimaa
Everything on the Virus
I knew when the virus came out that it was bogus. Here you will find videos of doctors and articles that I have collected since the beginning. I have always questioned everything and have no doubt we are being manipulated to accept what fate lies ahead if we allow this to continue. I created this to have everything is in one place. Please feel free to share, you can copy the links and screenshot the pictures. If you need any help let me know.