The D List
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Changed group to Closed to simply de-clutter the feed. (Posts only show in Group feed unless you are a member, then they also show in your main feed.) You will need Spotify Premium to open links directly, but you can always look up tracks on your preferred music provider.
Deneen West
Off The Chartz Music Showkase
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Dedicated to the Advancement of Independent Talent in via a variety of genres of music. Highlighting independent “original music” songwriters , musicians, bands, artists, and promoting their shows and the venues/independent internet/radio stations that give them a place to be heard.
Sebrina Horstmeyer
patrick hittler
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Houston (the 4 largest city in the United States) doesn't have a decent rock station. Why? The Music industry suits have decided we need to cater to the incoming demographics, so we folks who have been rock fans for 30 to 60 years DON'T MATTER ANYMORE to them. They killed a terrestrial Houston Rock Radio Icon (KLOL) , but if you are internet savvy, there is salvation. KLOL lives!
Kevin Barry
patrick hittler
Rockers Unite
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Dedicated to the Vinyl Rock of the 70's and 80's but all music is welcome. Post photos of your your collection and systems.
Tom Croucher
David Tweedy
Guitar Students & Teachers:  Tips, Recommendations, Q&A
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This group is for serious guitar students and instructors interested in sharing and discussing varied topics related to learning to play guitar. Topics may include: discussion and recommendation of specific guitar methods/courses, positioning/technique, performance, practice sessions, playing styles (for example: pick-style and finger style), music genres, standard notation, TAB, theory, harmony, composition, basic guitar maintenance and setup, etc . . . Group Rules: In order to have productive discussions, please do not divert to topics unrelated to topic of a particular post. Let’s try to have productive discussions and to have a specific topic rather than too broad questions and recommendations. For example: If referring to technique, try to focus on a specific type of technique, in which application. Debates on varied opinions can be helpful and are welcome but let’s be respectful to one another.
Ray Chenier
Brian Hall
Karrie Marshall
Country Music Fans
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This group is for the great fans of country music. Discuss and share photos of your favorite country artists and songs; discuss and share photos of your country life.
Jimi Goldsmith
Barbara Ann Hardin
Brian Dressler