Crazy Bird People
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A place for the "Crazy Bird People" to share their stories ask for tips and share their photos of their feathered babies. Also for members and breeders to re-home, find and adopt new members into their flocks. When doing so please make sure you list your locations. And if re-homing keep things reasonable. This isn't a political page, but sure would like to promote and help grow a social media that won't limit it's users.
April Hansen
Darry straw
VOID cat group
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Just a place to share void stuff, no sales of pets, always use common sense, be on guard for scams and report any scam or scammer. No responsibility is assumed by the group, owner, administration, or Wimkin.
Robert Parker
Buttsman Thomas
Fred Rodriguez
Basenji's America
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Dedicated to the Basenji dog breed from all over the world. No politics, no violence, no disparagement of other members and most of all NO POSTS OF ANIMAL ABUSE unless it's to report it!
Lewis Soldatek
Douglas Jerome
Francis gilla
Doxie Haven
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Hi. I'm a proud doggie daddy of 5 wonderful, miniature dachshunds. I bet there are other members here who own dachshunds. Here is a group where we can show them off. Doxie pics are preferred, but any and all pets are welcome.
Alejendro M Gael
Ami Root