United Against Mandates
This group was originally created to help IU Health employees fight the mandate BUT this has become so much bigger than just IUH or even healthcare workers... this is for ALL of us in Indiana to stand together and fight these mandates together! We have strength in numbers and it's time to take back our freedom to choose!! Stand with us! *the opinions represented in this group are our own and NOT that of IU Health.*
Traci Staley
10 members Outreach/Activism
AWARENESS ! Using the combined strengths across multiple platforms to quickly address situations happening at any level of our Republic.. city, county, territory, state, federal and international levels The ' home area' right now will be on MeWe.com due to the folder based file system needed to keep the different petitions and documents... I hope to be able to back that information up to our main web server for backup ' in case ' a little easier than I could on FB when they murdered our structures.
Robert Gamble
Eddy Coates
Christians United for Truth - C.U.T. WISCONSIN
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C.U.T. WISCONSIN (Christians United For Truth) C.U.T. WISCONSIN (Christians United For Truth) Why We Are Here: Many of our clerical leaders have fallen victim to the secular pressures of our modern day society. We exist to educate and inform our leaders on the forces in our Christian communities that are contrary to the Word of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.
James M Murphy
Barbara Ursini
Ben r bettner