UK Uprising
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The people against the establishment. Our government is divided. Our freedom is being sold. Now is our time to unite the kingdom and conquer the divided. This group raises awareness of what we are normally kept from. Awareness of hidden political agendas, elite power, media manipulation and social engineering. If you're awake you belong here. #ukuprising
Si Prowting
Chris  yarolem
Diane Stobie
Gary Dorothy
The Bushranger Brotherhood of Australia
I'm seeking Expressions of Interest from MGTOW that reside within Australia that would like to be apart of something larger. A Non-Profit Organisation that focuses on survivalism, prepping, permaculture, shooting, Archery, healthy living and other outdoors activities. The concept is members will be full-time volunteers, but will have land and other property assigned to them over time. Giving them a secure "out" should they want it, but minimising personal loss from court seizures. If you have any questions, send me a message. I'm currently residing in Victoria, but plan on moving to Queensland to escape the oppression. If you also would be interested in moving, let me know, and we'll try and organise a group purchase of property. As I personally have limited funds to donate to the group.
Bushranger Brotherhood
United Against Mandates
This group was originally created to help IU Health employees fight the mandate BUT this has become so much bigger than just IUH or even healthcare workers... this is for ALL of us in Indiana to stand together and fight these mandates together! We have strength in numbers and it's time to take back our freedom to choose!! Stand with us! *the opinions represented in this group are our own and NOT that of IU Health.*
Traci Staley