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AWARENESS ! Using the combined strengths across multiple platforms to quickly address situations happening at any level of our Republic.. city, county, territory, state, federal and international levels The ' home area' right now will be on MeWe.com due to the folder based file system needed to keep the different petitions and documents... I hope to be able to back that information up to our main web server for backup ' in case ' a little easier than I could on FB when they murdered our structures.
Robert Gamble
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Christians United for Truth - C.U.T. WISCONSIN
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C.U.T. WISCONSIN (Christians United For Truth) C.U.T. WISCONSIN (Christians United For Truth) Why We Are Here: Many of our clerical leaders have fallen victim to the secular pressures of our modern day society. We exist to educate and inform our leaders on the “forces” in our Christian communities that are contrary to the Word of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.
James M Murphy
Ben r bettner
Chris Swafford
Defend the 2nd Amendment
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There is a legislative war being waged against the 2nd Amendment that Biden is calling to make go kinetic with HR127, and every American gun owner needs to stand now and join this battle to win it! This group will organize all 75 million+ American gun owners and our 400 million+ guns and 12 trillion+ rounds of ammo to circle the wagons and win this war for defending and reclaiming all our freedoms to keep and bear any and all arms, ammo and armor without any infringements everywhere all the time! Under Natural Law our rights are individual, absolute and unalienable as they derive from God. Our rights do not derive from the constitution. They are merely enumerated in the Constitution. They existed before the constitution and will continue to exist even after the constitution expires or becomes amended to exclude any given right. Under constitutional rule of law of the sovereign Civilian Authority of We the People, we certainly have the uninfringed right to keep and bear arms to secure freedom in our county, state and republic until they repeal the 2nd Amendment. Under the United States Government rule of law in US Code or under state or county rule of law there are numerous unconstitutional statutes infringing the 2nd Amendment that clearly violate the US Constitution and are as such unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has ruled that all unconstitutional laws are null and void and are not to be followed or enforced. All infringements against the 2nd Amendment in US Code are clearly unconstitutional and every US citizen, juror and law enforcement officer has the individual discretionary power to make that determination and nullify those laws by not following or complying with them, not indicting or convicting those who rightly refuse to follow them, and not enforcing or arresting persons who violate them. Group Rules 1. Do not advocate for anything violent or illegal in this group. We advocate a defensive NAP Non Aggression Principle. Nothing posted on this site shall be construed to incite unlawful violence or criminal acts. 2. Nothing posted on this site is offered as legal, medical or financial advice. Use your independent God given power of good discretion and self determination and do not violate any constitutional laws and do not follow or enforce any unconstitutional laws. 3. Be respectful of fellow American gun owners. Check your partisanship and black pills of fear of guns and gun owners at the door. 4. Be truthful. Check your Mockingbird fake news psyops at the door. 5. Be relevant. Focus on what's important. Check your circus clowns at the door. We are not here to debate left right politics or argue religion or interpret bread crumbs. We are here for one reason - to take decisive action to defend American gun rights and win the war being waged against us! We will give full due process of law to bring these treasonous bastards to justice! Trust the plan? YES! The American plan! The plan has always been for We the People to come together and *make a plan* to secure our rights against tyrants like Election Thief Joe Biden who wants to rule over, divide, create fear and destroy our rights! Welcome to Defend the 2nd Amendment! That is our mission. You have joined this group for 1 of 7 possible reasons: Group 1. You are totally hostile against the 2nd Amendment and want it repealed and removed from the US Constitution and you want all firearms and ammo confiscated from the American people and outlawed. You can learn here why repealing the 2nd Amendment is not a good idea. Group 2. You are partially hostile towards this mission and want to maintain or increase infringement, or decrease some infringements against the 2nd Amendment but still maintain some reasonable and responsible level of infringement. You can learn here why infringing the 2nd Amendment is not a good idea. Group 3. You have no idea what the 2nd Amendment is all about and are open to learn more about it. Group 4. You are not sure where you stand and are confused or conflicted and have doubts about the 2nd Amendment. You can get your doubts about the value of the 2nd Amendment cleared here. Email c911@pm.me to ask us any question. Group 5. You are neutral about this mission and are curious to learn more for personal, political or public education (media). Feel free to monitor this group to learn more about it. For media interviews or public policy advice email c911@pm.me Group 6. You are friendly towards this mission and now ready to stand up boots online or boots on the ground to defend it for the first time. Welcome aboard! Email c911@pm.me to get the orientation briefing and get assigned to a volunteer team on the US Civil Defense Grid! Group 7. You are already deployed to achieving this mission and want to join and help build a massive coalition of defensive civilian forces (local/state/national) to secure our rights! Email c911@pm.me to link your group. These are all acceptable reasons for being here and all of you are welcome! Here is what we need to do to accomplish our mission objectives: 1) Be safe 2) Be legal and 3) Be effective BE SAFE: Communicate securely and privately over the Internet anonymously by not using Facebook, Google or Apple products, services, browsers, apps or devices. Instead use Wimkin, Protonmail.com, Signal Private Messenger, Tor Browser and Proton VPN. BE LEGAL: Do not propose or do anything illegal. Everyone has the right to due process of law - even treasonous bastards. BE EFFECTIVE: Learn and share the best innovative methods for advancing the freedom mission: 1) Work as an individual and avoid insurrection, sedition and treason charges. 2) Do not join any group and avoid RICO Act charges. 3) Work locally with your neighbors. 4) Work and meet face to face off the network and away from your internet devices. 5) Invest in secure encrypted sovereign mesh networking tools like meshtastic.org 6) Use true peer 2 peer (serverless) encrypted apps like Briar if you must communicate over the network (text only no voice or video). 7) Work on a non aggression policy NAP basis and avoid conspiracy charges. Just circle the wagons when attacked. Do not turn in your guns. Do not let them take anyone's guns. Stand together. Be fearless. 8) Keep the mission and message simple and focused (just share the meme below everywhere repeatedly) RESEARCH TO KNOW THYSELF The Declaration of Independence The United States Constitution The Bill of Rights The 2nd Amendment RESEARCH TO KNOW THY ENEMIES HR127 "The Final Gun Grab Bill" www.joebiden.com/gunsafety UN Small Arms Reduction Treaty UN Agendas MDGs, 21, 2030 & 2050
The Texas Party
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This group is for freedom loving Texans and wanna be Texans disgusted with the Neomarxist takeover of America. We will be laser focused on Texas issues, candidates and Texas Independence with the goal of preserving all that was once good about American exceptionalism. The only rule is be respectful and not profane while limiting topics to those of Texas interests only.
Donna McClure
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Oklahoma Patriots
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I started this group so we could start getting organized to promote, defend and accelerate the Patriot Party.. More will come, More will join until our Great state stands as one.... Patriots..
Brian Baker
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