Adult gamers
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A group for adults who enjoy mmorpg on pc or mobile. Share games, videos etc. Have a gg!
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Animal Crossing New Horizons Conservative Edition - Over 25
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RULES 1. Think before you act. Don't be a jerk. Take your (non animal crossing) discussions/discrepancies private and deal with them like adults. Posts that result in the need for babysitting will be removed. 2. NO Real World Currencies. Sharing, Trading, Gifting, Visiting and making friends takes precedents to profit. 3. NO begging. No posts stating paying off loans is too hard/ general game grind for items is too hard/ how can I make this go faster If you need guidance ask. However Starting information is easily accessible via Youtube Walkthroughs and Websites dedicated to gameplay and tips. *Grinding materials is part of game play. *Tom has no time limit for loans. *Relax and enjoy the game or find a group more suited to your play style. 4. NO Explicit/Adults content (In keeping with Wimkin rules of conduct explicit or pornographic content will result in a ban) Cussing will be tolerated within reason. 5. Drugs use (legal or not) will not be tolerated and will result in removal. **CHEATING, HACKS, BOTS, DUPLICATION OF ITEMS, Homemade/Purchased NFC cards/coins, go against Nintendos Code of Conduct and will result in an instant ban from this group. How you play your game privately is your business. But do not share this content within this group. There are players who report these posts straight to Nintendo and this can result in the removal of your Island/Nintendo Online account etc.
Unofficial World of Warships: Legends Console Community
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This is where we get to share our WoWs stuff. Questions, Achievements and so on. Let's keep it civil folks, please. While I am not into censorship, there is a line that I have to draw so that things don't get out of hand. While THIS group is a bit more forgiving that the (ass)FaceBook page, there IS a limit to how far I'll let things go. Seriosly, lets try to be adults about this. I know many of us are frustrated with either Wargaming and r the Potatoes that screw it up for the rest of us. SO, on that note, if you're gonna post a pic, PLEASE block out everyone's game tag and respect their Privacy. If YOU chose to share your online ID then you have that right. Some of us, like myself, prefer to keep this private. I don't need any hackers or trolls harassing me while I play my games as I'm sure you don't either. SO, share away, converse away, bitch to your hearts content, but again, please keep it clean. Also, this is not an official sanctioned page. This is here until they wake up and join Wimkin.
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