Parents & Homeschoolers of Oz - Unregistered, Unmasked, Unv@xxed
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An Australian Group - the title says it all! Very relaxed laid back group looking to form connections and networks with like minded people. If you are completely against unmasking, unvaccinated, and unregistered options - than don’t bother joining. There will be no debating, bullying, or harassment tolerated. This group is for those who have made up their mind. There is a difference between a “discussion” and a debate/baiting and this will be monitored closely. There are other groups that will fit an alternative stance.
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This group has one singular purpose: To provide a consequence-free space to have a knock-down, drag-out, ideological free-for-all. From time to time, I will post a comment - might be a random thought, might be an ideological position I want to examine from different perspectives whether I support it or not, might be someone else's - to be hashed over in a space where others can have input and where there will be no holds barred. I expect serious discussion - if tinged with humour, that's fine - but expect some trolling (I ask that you keep it to a minimum). I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO BE RESPECTFUL. Some ideas do not deserve to be respected. So, please, attack the ideas tooth and claw, but DO NOT ENGAGE IN AD HOMINEM/PERSONAL ATTACKS. The ideas are the target, not the individual expressing them. - Jorj
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Myths Busted.
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During The Lock downs, I discovered a whole new world. Id like to share with you and discuss the way i see. I am in the middle of learning, so it makes its a great way to encourage new educational programs. I welcome you to share your thoughts and welcome your ideas. We are going to start first by saying there is No Dinosaurs, and the we cannot date the earth by Carbon. :) I will provide proof in this group with details showing the difference of what is real and what you are told.