Christ in Your Corner
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This is a place where you’ll find inspirational stories, a weekly teaching and encouraging words. I created this group on FaceBook to a private group at the leading of the Holy Spirit, but I wanted another way to reach people that are looking for encouragement. If you’re in the midst of, heading out of, or going in to a trial, it’s nice to know that Christ is in your corner. Shara
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Church of Christ
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Church of Christ group is for those that want to discuss religion using the Bible as their authority for all things religious. The church of Christ we read about in the Bible consisted of believing, repentive, confessing, baptized (for remission of sins) people. Salvation is NOT by faith alone and cannot be attained without water baptism. The Lord kept all His promises and fulfilled all scripture with His return in AD 70 and the destruction of Jerusalem. Check on in and lets have some nice discussions. :)
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