Chalk Couture (independent Designer)
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Chalk Couture is just the thing you need to create beautiful art, and have fun doing it. Join me in the DIY home décor revolution today!
Sonja Roeser
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I am creating this group for all the classic car lovers out there. This platform is to share your vehicle as well as any of your favorites. Weather it’s a muscle car or a true classic , This is the place.
For the Love of Whisk(e)y
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A few quick rules: 1. Don't yuck on someone else's yums. Respect that everyone can enjoy the whisk(e)y they like to drink, the way they like to drink it. 2.No sales, just good conversation. 3. No politics, just whisk(e)y. (Unless directly related to the consumption or collection of whisk(e)y)
Adam Horbett
Christopher Rogalski
Tee Tinez
Ghost, Cryptids and the Fey.
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This is the place to tell your personal stories of experiencing what was once thought of as the impossible. Have you seen something you can't explain? Did you walk into an alternate reality for a short time? Did you have an amazing coincidence? We are hoping to have deep discussions about what certain things mean and why they happened to us personally. We want to hear your story. Ridicule and vulgar language will not be tolerated.
11 Meter Enthusiasts
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Amateur radio enthusiasts welcome. Group is not responsible for any transactions made within the group. Try to be respectful to one another, but outright asshats will be deleted.
Don KeyPuncher
Georgette monreal