Garden Of Inspiration
Welcome to Garden Of Inspiration. We are a family christian based group who loves to inspire everyone about God. We love inspirational thinking and sharing about Gods word & other things like nature, inspirational saying & poems. This is a non - political group so we do not post political or obscene material. We ask that everyone respect each other. No rude or vulgar discussions or comments to others. No profanity or any type of sexually explicit content allowed. We hope you enjoy Garden Of Inspiration & make it a great group for all to enjoy - God Bless!
Sacred Spiritual Healing Coven
I am/have been ordained through ULC. It is my goal to unite the Pagan / Heathen Community under one roof with respect, understanding, love and compassion. I just want to say here that MOST of what I post is borrowed from other places. I just like them so much I want to share with all of you! If you find something here that belongs to you and you want credit for it or you just want it removed, please contact me and I will gladly do as you wish. Blessed BE! SSHC is about finding your inner deity. It is aimed at helping people who are/were addicts trying/finding their way back to a sober and spiritual life. I hope that you will find a greener way to live your life though the information I share on this page. Health, life, liberty, and love are what we are all about here at Spiritual Healing Ministries. cared Spiritual Healing Coven or SSHC for short! Everything I post here, to the best of my knowledge, is free for re-posting! If I have posted something of yours, please let me know so you name may be added to the post, or I can remove it if you wish. If it is mine, with my name on it, PLEASE re-post it and let the world enjoy it! As for books on witchcraft, witchs, paganism, and/or wicca. Or any of the things assiated with any of these, give "zlibrary" a shot.
Demonic Wombs
I began my path with Morrigan. she is still my Matron, though I have been introduced to many other deities throughout the years. Now I have both Morrigan, the Phantom Queen, and Ishtar, the Great Lilith, as my matron teachers. As you may already be able to tell, I focus on the dark and demonic aspects of spirituality (not exclusively). This group is open to all occult and pagan discussion, but my main focus is going to be on spirits outside of the "safe" box. In particular, my personal tradition incorporates a lot of working with succubi and incubi. Rules 1: This group is intended for those who are 16+. The occult often heads into places that are for older persons, and yet, younger witches do exist and often need help, including with darker energies that most kid-friendly groups know nothing about. As such I will try to keep the wording of certain things more moderate. 16+ is a happy medium. 2: No porn or nudity. Wimkin has strict rules regarding those things. 4: Do not block me, or any other admin I may hire in the future.
Forgiveness, Growth & Transformation: small group power
I organise (not run) power of Eight groups - which means a small group of people committed to getting together on a regular basis to hold a loving intention for another person (could be one member of the group or could be completely a third party) and for 10 minutes to hold that person in their hearts & minds for healing, abundance & prosperity (emotionally, mentally, creatively, physically & even financially). Let's be intentional in 2021 about making the world a better place for others! But I also practice Ho'oponopono - a forgiveness meditation. While I grew up in a Christian family, forgiveness was forced upon us. "You will forgive him now or you get punished." So, you said "I'm sorry" and they said "I forgive you" - and they said "I forgive you" because if they didn't THEY would be punished. Great changes of heart. Or not. So, as an adult - finding a meditative practise which allowed me to really discover forgiveness was essential in healing. But I believe it has the power to transform and create miracles when we practice it also in a small group setting. So, I also use it regularly in small groups. It is my intention that this group be interfaith. And I mean that widely - I am happy to sit in silence with a person of any other faith with love in their hearts for themselves and others and hold healing intentions for third parties (or situations). For me, I will sit just as happy with a Sufi as with a Buddhist or a Christian: holding peace and compassion in my heart and practising forgiveness. Please note that this is not prayer: I believe that we have the power within us to create the best possible outcome. We are active participants in the process of co-creation - not spectators of a miracle. If we did not participate, the miracles would not occur. (I will try not to spout Quantum Physics or get into the Observer). I believe that science is finally beginning to understand what spiritual practices have been telling us for millennia. Initially, I have set this group up as public - so that people can see it and see what types of things we post. However, as soon as it grows, we will change the privacy settings to ensure the privacy of members. If you are interested in active participation (getting together on Zoom) in groups of 6-10 - ideally 8... but could be as small as 3-4 - I would love to coordinate times for this to happen.
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