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Old WIsdom
Much has disappeared from popular imagination with the march of centuries. with Christianity sweeping the world, the wisdom of the ancients began to be viewed as less important, and was even distorted in some cases. Luckily, it was too strong in our blood and psyche to stamp out completely. the Christian world was filled with pagan principles as late as the 19th and 20th century. Now we face the 21st century, and a new threat. globalist marxism and white genocide, grown out of Christianity. whether by design or by self destructive irony, they gave rise to the enormity of modern thinking, created it, and the Protestant Reformation paved the way for Bolshevik Communism. Slowly, modernism infect our centres of learning. the old principles of manliness and wisdom are being stamped out, along with the precious lore that brings it to life in the minds of the populations. This group seeks to study ancient texts, from the earliest lore of Irish mythology and the Egyptian Book of the Dead to medieval bestiaries. Anything old and filled with wisdom or wonder is welcome for discussion.
James L Vaughan
Aegir Son
Barbara Ursini