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We know who Q+ is and we are the digital soldiers called Anons. Post anything related to the Great Awakening. Rules for posting: No porn, pedo crap! Funny Memes are great. If you haven't been Red pilled yet you might want to watch Dark to Light first then Fall of Cabal parts 1-10.
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Q Romnia WWG1WGA ????
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Acesta este un grup Q. Lichelele, Trolii, Globalistii, Botni?arii, NonPatrio?ii nu au ce cauta aici ?i vor fi elimina?i. Sim?i ca e?ti Patriot, vii al?turi de Solda?ii Digitali ! WWG1WGA Q ????
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Welcome!! Just a few guidelines plz: Please be respectful towards others...passion is fine...arrogance is not Keep your language CLEAN Sauce ur posts Plz no fb or infowars here So glad to have u!!
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Welcome to Let The Truth Be Told! This group was created to wake up the sleeping by exposing the dark truth about the children of darkness (the cabal/deep state) their plans and actions to destroy America our liberties, freedoms, morals, and our American way of life. Help us in our cause to bring the darkness to Light. JOIN TODAY!