Black Sheep
We the BLACK SHEEP are a growing group of Americans who are unwilling to follow the leftist sheeple to slaughter. Invite like minded friends and please keep it civil. We The People must stand for our constitutional rights. STAND!!!!! Please feel free to join our other pages On FascistBook and MeWe
Right Handers
We are Veterans, Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Police Forces, and ALL other Patriots. We are Republicans who are coming together to Protect and support other Republican from the Antifa, Nazi Thugs. From those who wish to harm Republicans as they assemble. We love this country and believe in the Constitution. We are not color Supremist or racist. We denounce the Democrats Confederacy and the flag which came against the American Flag and the American Constitution and God himself and our Fore Fathers. For this is ONE nation under God and all people are created equal!!! We are assembling to stand in the Gap between them and our people. We are not a Militia but rather stand with our Military and believe in them. We are not protesters but rather Republican Defenders and Supporters. We call on ALL Patriots!!! Join Us Now!!! Join us Christians!!! Joins us Jewish People… For these thugs want to take away our very rights to speak to assemble. Just like the SS Troops did in Germany. Just like they spread fear and violence. And the German people stood by and let it happen until they were too powerful to stop them… We don’t seek violence but rather stand between law abiding citizens and their God given right to assemble in freedom. And we have swore an oath to protect them. We need those who will stand the line. And those who will support our Cause.. Will you help. The time is Right now!!!! Help right now by spreading the word. Getting ready to go with us or even praying that we might have success. The whole world is crying why don’t someone do something. Now we will. Please join us before it is too late.
Brian Baker
Allan jones
Allen Getz Jr