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'Ecuador Expats' is for Expats in Ecuador, or those thinking about moving here. The mission of the group is about sharing our experiences living in Ecuador, the challenges, worries, victories, and questions. And for people not yet here but contemplating a life changing move, to listen to their questions and concerns and give them answers and help. Keep discussions focused on Ecuador. Any posts or comments (threads) that start out not being about Ecuador will be removed. Members who make such posts will be sent a message reminding them of the group rules. If they continue to start threads not about Ecuador, they will be removed from the group. No personal attacks - While debating and discussion is fine, rudeness and insulting or inflammatory posts will not be tolerated and will be removed without notice by an administrator. ?? ? of course Covid tests and vax are a major part of Global Air Travel affecting us all, and needs to be debated indepth, as it is ever changing and fluid situation. Many topics and subject matter can tie back into EC Travel and EC Expat Life, but if it doesn't plz take it to another more appropriate group. Lets do try to stay on focus and on topic of EC Expats. ? Thanks, Admin 'Ecuador Expats' group on MeWe: 'Ecuador Expats' on Telegram Group: 'Ecuador Expats' on GAB: Thank You, Jack Abercrombie, Cumbaya, Quito- ECUADOR S.A. Relocation Ecuador: Ecuador Real Estate: Call Toll free from U.S. & Canada: Mnts & Coast: 770-828-7913, EC. Off: 02-380-4088, Ec. Cel Claro: 098-828-8953, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Element: +593-98-828-8953, Talk free on "skype" user name: "Jack.Abercrombie" Blog: You Tube: twitter: Linked in: My photos 2008 EC Arrival Google+ / Picasa web albums: My 'JJinEc' google maps saved places I frequent in EC: RELOCATION SERVICES TO ECUADOR - INTRO TOURS TO ECUADOR - JOURNEYMAN JACK: {Comprehensive Introductory / Exploratory Tours Custom Fitted to your Relocation wants and needs with Pre-Trip Planning, Reservations, Expats & Locals Meet Ups, Rentals / Realty, Survival Spanish, Intro to EC Customs & Culture, Translator, Shopping, Vip Transport.... (the following would come later if you decide EC is for you)> Immigration, Residency Visas, Import / Export- Pets, Air Cargo, Vehicle & Home Inspections, Marriage Registration, Dual Citizenship, Dual Passports, Document Translations, Insurance, Healthcare, Law / Tax, Banking, Farm Land, Property & Site Management, Sea Container Shipping & Logistics, Security & Safety Measures, Finding Missing Persons In EC., Skype Video Or Toll Free Tel. Consultations}
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Mayflies of Lake Erie - Official Site
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Sometime around the middle of May and lasting through June and into July, there is a plague of insects that strikes the cities, towns, and villages along Lake Erie's shoreline and the islands. Fortunately, this insect is totally harmless... unless you are sliding on them in your car. They are drawn to any light source - coating the sides of buildings and telephone poles. The main problem... they stink like dead fish! What am I talking about, you ask? The now famous Mayflies of Lake Erie! Visit our website for info on our favorite winged wonders. Learn mayfly history, read stories from site visitors and purchase mayfly apparel and gifts! We invite everyone from the US and Canadian sides of Lake Erie to join and welcome you to post sightings and photos of mayflies in your area.
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Group for news and discussion about autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) , typically these are electrical vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) designed to address the urban transport needs by providing on-demand air taxi services. AAVs are a disruptive technology that will have a significant impact on transportation, military, cargo, air travel and emergency response. Companies that are developing AAVs: Bell Ehang Hyundai Boeing General Motors
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