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Rewriting a novel: how to take this important step Once the first draft of your novel is complete, will you need to send it immediately to publishers to get it published? Of course not. I do not know a single author whose texts were perfect at the first stroke of the pencil. To have quality work, you have to refine it and refine it further. Those who are afraid of effort have not chosen the right discipline, believe me, and write my essay. How should you rewrite your novel? There are many ways to rewrite a novel. Each author has his method. Some will reread their text on the screen and modify it sentence by sentence. Others (like me) will prefer to print their manuscript and smear it with a red pen, before applying the changes to the computer. In general, on the other hand, the rewriting will take place in three stages: The substantive review: We assess the story, its interest, its consistency, and apply the necessary adjustments to improve it. The solutions can be varied: deletions of scenes or characters that add nothing to the story, reorganization of chapters, and other major changes related to the events told. Revision of form: Once the story is fixed, we can focus on the form to improve the rhythm and style of his text. Linguistic revision: Consists of correcting French errors and removing repetitions, for example. Software like Antidote can help. It is best to do these revisions in that order, but you do not have to follow this guideline. Often, I mix up substantive and formal editing a bit when I'm working (that's what happens in my example ), but sure enough, linguistic editing comes at the end and Buy expository essays. Wait before starting the revision before you begin your rewrite (and also between each step of it), let your manuscript sit for a few days or weeks. This will allow you to distance yourself from the text. When you come back to it, the mistakes and weaknesses will jump out at you. Take advantage of these moments of pause to sketch the skeleton of your next masterpiece in your notebook. (You didn't think this novel would be your only creative project, did you?) Once the review is complete When you have rewritten your novel to the point of it hurting your eyes, you can submit it to your personal committee of readers (if you have one) for their advice. Based on the comments you collect, your manuscript may deserve one or more additional rewrites. Don't go around them. Better to put the odds in your favor, because publishing houses are in high demand by writers: they receive hundreds of manuscripts per year and only accept a small percentage for publication. How to find a publisher Is your story ready? Congratulation! You can now go looking for a publishing house. To help you, I have a complete file that will guide you in your submission process, as well as another where you can learn the essentials to properly format your manuscript and Buy expository essays. Want to learn my best tricks of the trade? It contains time-saving tips, proven working methods, as well as software suggestions that will increase your efficiency during the production of your novel, at all stages of creation.
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