Patricia Hay (Breyer)
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I'm an artist and a photographer where my work is original and one-of-a-kind that can say more than a thousand words. I started drawing when I was young and continue pursuing it through middle and high school. I got into photography after I graduated from high school to pursue a different perspective and improvement in art altogether. To this day I kept practicing and improving the style of my work! I am very artistic and creative with my work. I do all sorts of drawings and hopefully paintings but most are originals. I mostly use pencil, charcoal, colored chalk, pastel, and pen for my drawings. Please spread the word and look at some of my work!
Dorothy Morgan
Gabriel Kesh
Jan Faulkner Leather Artist
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Jan Faulkner Leather Artist is a designer of high end leather and suede fashions. Custom made and sold. This includes clothing items for Rodeo Queens and entertainment performers as well as private customers.
Jan Faulkner-Wagoner
David Lucas
Callie Smith Fine Art
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Hi, I'm a freelance artist and full-time learner. Like many people on this site, I'm looking into finding a new social media platform (replacing FB). If I like this place, I might stick around...meanwhile, just feeling out what it's like to make a page. Website: https://www.calliesmithart.com
Callie Smith
Goldie Coats