Paul Anthony Minger (Poetry)
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This is a page that is dedicated to the poems and songs that I write. The songs, that I will post with slideshows, are produced and sang by Paramount Creative Studios but I do own the rights and they are 100% written by me. Not all the poems will be liked by everyone because I do try to do different things at times with how I write. Everyone has their own taste in what they like and don't like. I try my best to write from the heart because if you feel what you write then you can make everything that you write nothing less than perfect in your own view....
Tony Minger
Cory Bailey
Jessica Riley Weaver
Journal of an Outlaw Series
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Journal of an Outlaw is a comedy/fantasy series that is like a mix of Lord of the Rings and Monty Python. Fantasy readers and role-playing gamers get a kick out of parodies of their favorite genre. The Outlaw character is a rogue who travels the Unremembered Realms pulling scams, fighting monsters, and getting into all sorts of bizarre situations. The books are written in a journal or diary style that keeps each story short and sweet. There are an average of 200 pages per book with 100 journal entries in each. Currently there is three books in the series. The author does not use blue humor so although the series is written for adults, it is safe for younger audiences as well. The author also uses wit, puns, absurdity, and a bit of slapstick to keep the series fun. Politics, sex, and personal viewpoints are not hidden in the books. Other books in the series include: Journal of an Awful Good Paladin and Journal of a Lounge Lizardman.
Mick McArt
Jessica Riley Weaver
Mickey McArt
William Tallman