Wild Woman Holistics
I offer various holistic therapies such as Integrated Healing Therapy, Pellowah, Reiki and Sound Therapy. I also run various events, such as a Gathering for healing and spiritual work, sacred cacao ceremonies and different workshops. I am passionate about healing the mind, body and spirit.
Raven LunaTix
Annette Cramer
Duke Chenault
We exist to help members achieve their wellness goals through fitness, nutrition, rehab, and recovery. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for athletes of all levels to train, recover, and pursue their health and wellness goals with a community of like-minded people focused on living an active lifestyle. CORE VALUES: EMPOWER MEMBERS Empowering members to achieve their goals - in and out of the gym - helping them overcome their fears and tackle new milestones COMMUNITY A safe, judgement free, family-like environment, where people enjoy going TO BE A RESOURCE Coaching your members, helping them achieve their goals, sharing your knowledge and expertise
Dave Matthew
Jessica Riley Weaver