I'm vintage 1970, wife and mother, and just doing the best I can with what I have. I love my President Trump, and hope we triumph in these times of election fraud. I don't blindly support anyone, and will advocate for good works regardless of party, and call people on their bs. All is a work in progress, so expect changes and refinements, frequently.
James Garcia
Rebels to the day we die
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This group is about standing up to the globalist in this country and standing up for freedom and keeping our values of today, and standing up to the left and BLM and Antifa we support our Military and veterans and our flag and the confederate flag we stand for American ? and truth of our real history in this country we support Law Enforcement that follows our Constitution and stands by their oath we support the Constitution and the 2nd we stand with our founding fathers and ??their way of life they where Rebels of their day and time and we support the confederates as well they also stood against an overreaching government as our founding fathers did if any of this offend you then don't join this group. We don't like political correctness or snowflakes ?? or a political party who tries to steal our votes from us; we, the people, this is our country, and we will stand up for it, and we support Trump 2020 to stop the steal.
Milton Friedman - Economics
Milton Friedman foresaw the eventual takeover of government into all aspects of the economy. Friedman believed the government should not interfere and leave the free market alone! We have provided the fundamental video series Free To Choose
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