OC Bluesman
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I am the OC (Orange County Texas) Bluesman and this play list is from my early years listing to the Blues. I was a young sailor in the U. S. Coast Guard and during. some down time on the recreational deck a friend of mine was playing his Fender Strat with his head phones plugged into a headphone amp, I seen he had another jack for a second set of headphones so I asked him if I could listen and he said sure. He was playing a slow bluesy song and of course is was just the guitar. Man! I had never heard anything like that in my life and it struck me to the very center of my heart, time stopped, that memory is as clear as the moment it happened. My friend grew up and turned into no one other than Richard McDonald (https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/richard-mcdonald) from Arizona and a member of the South West band regional Morning Star. The blues of music quickly became a part of my identity, I listened to everything present day which was Mid 80s, SRV, Robert Cray... Not being satisfied with knowing these 4th generation modern bluesmen I had to learn and digest the foundation of this music form, The Delta Blues.
Ben Ivey
James Vaughan
Jessica Riley Weaver