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Hello, Not sure that most of you are aware of "Leaky Gut Syndrome" It is the cause of so many chronic health issues and diseases. This company that I just joined has so many vital vitamins and supplements that help with every issue that you are currently having. I would love to chat and help you get your health back in check and start living a Happy and Healthy lifestyle. Please message me if you are having a specific issue, I will let you know if they can help you. https://hapinss.com/pshawver
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Welcome to my page. I'm glad you're here. My hope is to help educate you about the benefits of CBD. It has helped me so much that I need to share what I've learned. The CBD I use is Illuminent. I wholeheartedly believe in this company's products and the integrity of it's leaders. Because of this, I became a partner with the company. So many other companies "white label". We do not! We are fully integrated. From seed to sale, Illuminent's quality and integrity shine. I would not put crap CBD into my body and would hope that you wouldn't either. Illuminent grows their own plants and uses CO2 extraction in an ISO 7 certified lab and third party tests their products! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, post, etc. I'm here to help you find out how CBD may be beneficial for you in lessing your anxiety, decreasing your inflammation, or just simply helping your body to achieve homeostasis, or a state of well being. I hope you join me on this journey. You can find Illuminent products at  www.kimmieskubby.com/hemp4wellness. Please, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If I can't answer accurately, I will found out the correct answer for you Disclaimer: This is not to be substituted for medical advice. If you are using other medications or if you have existing conditions, always check with your medical provider.  
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