Kemp Outside
Born out of a desire to help parents take their children camping, fishing, hiking, and learning about nature, Kemp Outside was created to include how-to videos, tips and tricks, gear reviews, interviews with experts, and more! Kemp Outside was created by Kevin Kemp, a former wildlife biologist and current owner of Kemp Design Services, a graphic design and web marketing company. Kevin desires to combine his skill sets as a biologist, lover of nature and marketing expert to help kids get outside! Kevin believes in the concept of Nature Deficit Disorder, the idea that whole generations of kids are growing up without an appreciation or understanding of our natural world or the fish and wildlife that occur there. Only by experiencing nature first hand will these future generations come to love the outdoors. Kevin hopes that with these videos, parents who have never gone camping, fishing or hiking will give it a try and take their kids. We are your inside source for all things outside!
Kevin Kemp
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