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AT EASE! VETERANS MAGAZINE is an exclusive national, subscription-based, quarterly magazine focusing on what matters to Veterans. It began with the vision to create a print & digital magazine that would give a voice to Veterans to share the stories that have forged them in the fire and have made them who they are today. Written by Veterans, for Veterans, our Veteran stories and content are honest, sometimes unfiltered, but most of all, REAL!
Christine Walker
Dawn Premock
Dee Linden
American Rear Guard
ARG fighting to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution = the American way of life. Fake news filter; Accurate stories and facts from a constitutionally preservative perspective with "In A Nutshell" summaries: Our Mission: To seek out, identify and destroy any and every domestic enEmy of The United States of America within the confines of our land, our White House, our government officials, and wherever else the enEmy may lay in wait. ARG is dedicated to the destruction of America's enemies by rightly identifying the enemy and making them known to the real American population in the United States using CREDIBLE sources that literally span the globe. For if they are seen, America will defeat them, each and every one of them. ARG stands with real Americans and stands against the global elites that have deployed a full court press in a silent, secret soft coup against this elected President, Donald J. Trump, and against this Constitutional Republic. May God bless ARG in its mission to bring the truth to the American people in short order, making more time for citizens in family and life, while at the same time delivering information that enables everyone to uphold their responsibility in the voting booths... WE spend the time gathering REAL news to save YOU time. God bless President Trump, the Vice President, those in the House and the Senate that are REAL Republicans, all their families... and ... God Bless America **NOTE**: PLEASE like and share the page here at ARG with your like-minded WIMKIN friends. We are here for ONE reason, and that's to help keep people informed with little time as possible for YOU, so that you have more time for LIFE. THANK YOU. ~ ARG
Matt Thompson
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Alfredo Daniel
Bards Eye News
An Independent MOJO (Mobile Journalist), Photographer (NPPA member) covering the PNW available for freelance assignment. If you need someone on the ground contact us for availability.
Jason Borean
Anna Kathy Edward
Raider-Cop Podcast
Retired Law enforcement officer Alpha Mike, and his roster of superhero co-host team up to share their amazing life experiences. The conventional and unconventional way. Join us every week to discuss the Police state in America.
Anna Kathy Edward
Brenda Freeman
Eric Mackenbach