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To resen8 (resonate) is striving towards your highest potential while emanating a highly positive frequency. The collections displayed here created while resonating a creative frequency, thus manifesting themselves into existence. These have made their way into the world through various mediums; Photography, Design, Painting, Illustration, Sketching or experimenting in Photoshop and other applications. These creations, while each is uniquely diverse, each has come from letting go and allowing the creative process to lead. They come from the same point of the soul that resonates with creative energies outward. What they become is less important than how they can potentially serve the world. A painting can tell a story, a single photograph can say ten thousand words, a poem can heal, a song can transcend. Point is, creativity propels the human race forward. I've attempted to capture as much of this as possible, the by-product of my creative projects. For me, the creative process is never complete, with every work there is more to be added or things to adjust, it is just how the process goes. We try our best to put these expressions together and call it art. Resen8 is a collection of these creations. The hope is that they will inspire, motivate, and compel others to seek within and find what makes them shine. To ask themselves the question, what ignites your soul? We are given only a short time on earth, might as well spend that time doing something we love. To actualize our destiny and manifest abundance that can serve the world is to live a life of deep profound meaning and of a higher purpose.
Allen Frank
Daryl Zweerink
Armourer's Choice
PREMIUM ARMOURY SOLUTIONS A new level of armour innovation with unique patent-protected polymer - lighter, stronger and more cost-effective. Armourer's Choice understands the need for superior quality and improvements in current standards, where personnel and assets require the best in protection. We are a manufacturing company providing protective armour and custom fabricated products for law enforcement and the civil/defense industries. Founded in 2018, Armourer's choice is an innovator and supplier of premium armoury solutions calibrated to meet the end user's field conditions and requirements. Using patent-protected polymer technology, Armourer's Choice products follow a decades-long research and development investment that has resulted in the most lightweight, durable and cost-effective offerings available on the market.
Asmodeus Amanti
Allen Frank
williams smith
Joyfully Free To Create and Craft
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Chalk Couture is just the thing you need to create beautiful art, and have fun doing it. Join me in the DIY home décor revolution today!
Sonja Roeser
williams smith
Sapphire Mountain Beauty
I enjoy making handmade soaps! All soaps are plant based, and gentle to the skin. I have been making soaps for almost 10 years now, and make so many varieties, such as Dead Sea mud, face and body soaps, ocean bars, floating soaps, etc. I just love making them!
Denise Byers
Danielle Quinn
David Cromer