Truck 263 SFMD
Welcome to Truck 263, the "War Pigs." ***Private page not endorsed by the Superstition Fire/Medical District*** The Superstition Fire/Medical District was organized in 1955 as a volunteer fire department. In the mid 80's it changed to a combination career and paid-on-call (POC) department. In the late 90's it went to an all career fire department. The quarters of L263 were formerly on East 18th Ave, now fleet services. At that time Engine 263 was housed there. The new house was completed in 1999 on South Idaho Rd, and shortly after we took delivery of the 1st Truck, L263, a 1999 ALF. This is not a dry ladder, but a quint. We do have a 1500gpm pump. Currently Truck 263 is a Pierce Quantum 85' Platform. This house currently houses (as of 16Oct2020): Ladder 263 (4 crew) Engine 263 (4 crew) Medic 263 (1 Medic, 1 EMT) Medic 262(1 Medic, 1 EMT)
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