Julie Ann Monzi, Writer
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Julie Ann Monzi lives in Gettysburg, PA, with her husband, three grown children, and three cats. She enjoys reading, walking the Gettysburg Battlefield, Civil War reenacting, and watching foreign mysteries. Julie’s work has appeared in magazines that include "Harpstring Magazine", "Liguorian", and "Radiant”, and online at Catholic Mom come.
Julie Monzi
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Phenix JiRa Readings and Writings
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Discovery is the key to life. A new venture in the realm of Phenix JiRa is the reading of poetry and stories which can currently be found on YouTube with other video sites to come.
Phenix JiRa
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Covid and NWO info
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Screenshots, memes, articles, links, books and other stuffs I found on the internet about covid and NWO to spread the information.
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