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;IGY6 Doodles
Hello Everyone, I am the founder of Shaw's Veterans Ranch. SVR is focusing on getting service companions to our Veterans and First Responders. Puppies from ;IGY6 litters will be donated to those that have PTSD and will benefit from a Therapy Companion. We do have Puppies for sale and also have a donation program. We are excited to introduce our Sheepadoodles ;IGY6 is an Old English Sheepdog along with her sister Annabelle Grace. We also want to introduce Sophie Lynn our Sheepadoodle ;IGY6 Doodle World will be expecting puppies Summer 2021 Puppy Picks are still available for Veterans and First Responders. Please got to Whoodle.world and fill out the application. . ;IGY6 's Puppies are reserved for Veterans and First Responders Heroes 4 Heroes Program. Here are our Programs. WE HAVE 3 PROGRAMS TO CHOOSE FROM. ;IGY6 Welcome to ;IGY6 Doodle World. First of all let me share with you what ;IGY6 stands for ;IGY6 Means I Got Your 6 Or "I Got Your 6 (back)". The colors also carry a meaning. Teal is for PTSD awareness Black is for the heavy hearts that many of us carry because of those who suffer from PTSD and those who have lost loved ones to suicide due to PTSD. Red is a symbol of the blood that has been shed. Here at ;IGY6 Doodle World we pride ourselves on giving back to Veterans. One way we are doing this is teaming up with Shaw's Veterans Ranch (SVR; Nonprofit Organization). We want to help as many Veterans as we can. SVR is a brand-new start from nothing nonprofit Ranch that is dedicated to helping Veterans transition from Soldier 2 Civilian. Here is how we are doing our part. Read How You Can Do Your Part. We have 3 programs at ;IGY6 Doodle World. Heres how they work. Program 1. Veterans that have PTSD or are in a crisis and need a puppy companion can fill out the application to be put on a list to receive a free Whoodle or Sheepadoodle. Go to Application and Aggreement Tab. Puppy Picking Day will be determined when puppies are born. Program 2. You can purchase a Whoodle for $1995.00 with a $395.00 deposit or a Sheepadoodle for 2500.00 a $500.00 deposit holds your Doodle pick. Puppy Picking Day will be determined when puppies are born. Program 3. You can donate 2500.00 Directly to Shaws Veterans Ranch and 100% of the profit goes directly to SVR to help Veterans transition from Soldier 2 Civilian. WIth your donation you will receive a receipt that you can use as a write off on your taxes. Why should I donate to H.M. Shaws Veterans Ranch? 1. What does my donation do? For every donation of $2500.00 all the profit goes to benefit Veterans through SVR 2. Who will my donation help? Your donation will pay for a puppy as a service companion to many Veterans and 1st Responders in need. Your donation will allow puppies out of each litter to go directly to a Veteran in crisis. 3. Does my donation help the community? Your donation will help Veterans find their purpose while raising their service companion. By donating to SVR you will be relieving homelessness and allowing SVR to provide vital resources to countless Veterans in need (food/job coaching/classes/case management/coordination of care etc.). 4. Besides getting a beautiful family member, are there any other benefits? With each 2500.00 donation to SVR your donation is a federal tax credit. If you have any questions please email us at Wheatenwhoodles@gmail.com To Make a Donation to SVR you can do so through Zelle 5209554806 (zelle charges no fees) or through the website donation page. www.shawsranch.com Paypal (paypal charges 4%)
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