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PhloxADR is a mediation and arbitration firm that specializes in complex family and business matters. There is a solution to the fighting, court, legal expenses and stress when you are in a disputes. Whether you are going through a divorce, have an elder case issue, post divorce child related issue, we are here to help both parties find a reasonable resolution that both can live with and get on with your life. Businesses use mediation and arbitration all the time. Mediation allows all parties to be heard so that a solution to the problem can be found and arbitration is when the parties cannot come to agreement, we can step in and make a final binding, non-binding or professional decision to end the dispute.  Our more peaceful resolution is 60% expensive that court litigation, 70% faster and 80% less stressful. Let me help you Save Time, Save Money and Save Stress.   Dr. Justin Wood, Th.d., CJME Lead ADR Specialist www.PhloxADR.com  
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Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry
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Katherine Henry, a Constitutional Attorney, is the founder of Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry, PC. Katherine, a homeschooling parent, mother of four, wife, Christian, business owner, and proud American, started working in the legal field in 2001 and has been a fierce advocate for the truth and the law ever since. Already an advocate for our Constitutionally-protected, God-given liberties, Katherine was outraged at the blatant unconstitutional manner in which the government responded to the challenges of early 2020. In our great country, we dont have a government of attorneys, political elite or special interest groups. We have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Katherine, and the thousands around Michigan she is leading, have been volunteering all their efforts to empower individuals to actively participate in government, educating government officials on legal and constitutional issues, holding government officials accountable for violating their Constitutional Oaths of Office, and restoring Michigan to a true government of the people, by the people, and for the people. #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment