Beth Gray, Ditch the Diet & Face the Feelings
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Life Coach - mBIT & multiple braining Coach - Lawyer - blogger - EFT - Ho'oponopono Practitioner - spiritual peace http://bethgray.coach/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDGz1L55ZV5IbQMCKFeP-FQ/ https://ditchthediet.mn.co Twitter: @beth18g Instagram: www.instagram.com/beth.gray.01 I'm an expert in taking giant leaps into the unknown! In 1996 I moved to Panama when it was nothing like the bustling metropolis it is today! I convinced a client that was travelling here that he should wear Bermuda shorts & tropical shirts, we would pick him up in a white landrover & that our grass-huts were miraculously air-conditioned, but that our dirt roads were sometimes prone to flooding. It was nothing like that, actually, but the skyline today tells another story of progress and change. So, here I am, 25 years after graduating from law school (the first time) and in another career! In 2018, I took the leap from 15+ years of law practice, where I had coached and mentored junior lawyers and associates, into my coaching business. Why? Because I believe in doing what you love! And I love the opportunity to help others with problem-solving, planning & overcoming the challenges of execution! I get so much more joy from helping people do this as a coach than I did in corporate law. Somehow, I'm doing the same thing I've done for the past 20 years: helping the client identify their goal and best possible outcome, analyse and plan the way forward, and overcome the obstacles to making it happen. And yet, it's totally different! The beauty of coaching is that I get to take a holistic view and incorporate compassion and caring into my work! At the same time, I continue to use my strengths of perception, analysis,big-picture vision and detail-oriented planning.
Beth Gray
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