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Starting the new year off with a good solid foundation is key. the ONLY way to change somethings in your life is to change some things in your life. I will post things for you as I go. Inspiration, Goal setting, Spiritual, FREEDOM, Personal Development, Financial Fitness, and Leadership. Please click on this link to view the video. This video only touches the newest and most popular updates to just a few of the life changing things we have. Don't be shy. Take that first step in learning how we can ALL Live The Life You've Always Wanted #TLYAW. WWW.SAVEMOREMONEYAPP.COM Scroll to watch the video, scroll to read more. Message me if you want to know more.
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Boone Prairie School
Boone Prairie School is located on the NW side of Indianapolis in Whitestown. Boone Prairie is a Christian Classical Hybrid with a Hillsdale Academy foundation with influences of Charlotte Mason. Character, moral integrity, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, leadership and more are part of the every day environment at the school. A classical education is based on great ideas, great books (including primary sources when possible), foundational truths and principles, and enduring traditions and skills. It holds to long-established standards. Charlotte Mason method influences Boone Prairie School curriculum through living books, habits and outdoor learning as weather permits. Living books, usually written in narrative form, are chosen over text books when available. Living books give our students ideas and make a subject come alive, not just facts to be memorized. Narration in their own words helps secure the information in their minds. Academic rigor is a cornerstone of classical education. The foundation of our curriculum is based on the educational model used at Hillsdale Academy- one of the nation’s leading classical schools. We value the knowledge and resources provided to us by Hillsdale. Classical education places a high value on problem solving and written and oral communication. By the time our students reach high school they are well-versed enough to participate in any conversation and join any debate. Their leadership training prepares them to pursue any career and excel in life. Today’s classical education is a reformation that perfectly blends old and new. Boone Prairie School is aimed at presenting Boone County and surrounding area parents with the best possible education for their children. Students who transfer into Boone Prairie are placed into appropriate math, writing/grammar, Latin and phonics levels.
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Survival Jack
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Our goal is to help others learn how to live a prepared lifestyle. Topics we cover include homesteading, preparedness, and survival skills.
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Conservative Educator Podcast
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Conservative educators need to stand together and let their voices be heard. Be sure to join our email newsletter so that you can stay informed. Education is one of the foundations of a great life for our children. Known for being the pontificator of common sense and coffee connoisseur. David stands with conservative educators in America. Enjoy common sense conversations with a cup of coffee. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or where ever you get your podcast!
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