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We live in a time of unprecedented intolerance, cancel culture, and partisan control over our media, entertainment, and social networks. Beliefs and political views outside of this new and increasingly left-leaning mainstream, many of which have been passed down over generations and sewn into the very fabric of our nation for centuries, are now considered antiquated, wrong – even dangerous. Where there has traditionally been room for healthy debate, compromise and empathy based on varying circumstances, experiences, and context, there is now only right and wrong. Black and white. Absolute virtue vs. unconditional evil, with less and less room for any consideration in between. Artist and creators who don’t share this new, popular ideology are forced into silence or worse, exiled and branded damaged goods. Projects, industry contacts, resources, networking outlets, and media or press coverage necessary to successfully reach their followers, customers, or fanbases can all be taken away in the blink of an eye. So where do these silenced or exiled artists, the Outsiders, turn? With well over 100 million people clamoring for an even playing field when it comes to arts and entertainment, there is no question the audience is there. How do Outsider Artists connect with them? How does an Outsider Audience, made up of conservatives, libertarians, moderates, Christians, traditionalists, or simply regular people who do not need their creative or entertainment outlets hyper-charged with a political agenda. keep tabs on the artists, creators, or projects that speak to them? There is a HUGE gap between the supply and demand. This is where ‘Inside The Outside’ is focused. ITO is a conduit for Outsider arts, entertainment, and pop culture. We are a resource for artists to promote projects, for consumers to discover new talent, and for fans to follow their favorite creators and keep tabs on new projects coming down the pipeline. We feature the latest in entertainment news, interviews, reviews, and previews. We offer a platform for creators to bring original content in genres ranging from documentaries to discussion forums to fictional series. ITO encompasses social media, online video, podcasts and even internet radio. We believe that political and social trends follow the culture. We also believe it is time to make a stand, to embrace and celebrate the artists and creators that are making their mark outside of the mainstream. We want to show the world the very best the Outside has to offer. We believe in doing so, we can make a positive difference in the culture itself – and everything that follows it. So, join us and let us take YOU Inside The Outside.
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Cindy Nunn
This Page Is For 18+ Disclaimer : I support fredom of speech so if you tend to get easily offended and/or a sensitive person leave because im a menace. My videos mainly involves the automotive enthusiast like content were you would see car events , car shows , cruises , possible takeovers etc.... You might also experience help and advice videos that might be helpful informational straight to the point advices for you and others watching. Thank You #FreedomOfSpeech #FuckCancelCulture
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Meme Rebel
I make memes. Some memes will make you laugh, some will make you angry, but I make memes. I make funny ones, sometimes serious ones, but I make memes. In fact, not only do I make memes, I make the best in the world!
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