R & R Co.
As leaders, what motivates us is enabling others to thrive and succeed. Our mission is to help people achieve their goals and dreams by providing you with the guidance to build a global online digital business.
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Rikrland Valuation Services, LLC
Rikrland Valuation Services is a domestic limited liability company organized under Alaskan corporation laws. Rikrland Valuation Services (RVS) values real property, aircraft, and businesses across the state of Alaska. Specializing in commercial valuations, our professionally licensed and designated appraisers have extensive experience, advanced training & proper licenses in Alaska to accurately determine the market value of your Alaskan real estate or business. From Anchorage high-rise to remote helicopter accessed cabins, we've appraised it all! Checkout our website for more information (www.RikrlandVS.com), or contact us directly at 907-335-5000
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ND Business Solutions
We?ve built our company on values we believe provide outstanding service because every client deserves Accuracy, Simplicity, Efficiency, and Affordability. Accuracy As you Meet Our Team, you will see that we take our commitment to your success as seriously as you do. By combining our expertise, experience and the energy of our team, each client receives close personal and professional attention. We strive to make sure all of our work is absolutely accurate based on the information you have provided us. If we see anything that seems out of the ordinary, we will ask for more clarification to make sure it is correct. Simplicity ND Business Solutions offers those clients who choose our us as simple and fast service as possible. We provide total financial services to individuals, small to medium size businesses and other agencies. Efficiency ND Business Solutions uses the finest software and working environment to assure we can be as efficient yet accurate as possible. Many of our clients have stayed with us for years due to the high level of satisfaction our long-term clients have with ND Business Solutions. Affordability Our efficiency allows us to keep our fees at affordable rates yet provide excellent service. No Cost, No Obligation Consultation We offer an initial 2 hour consultation at no cost to you! One of our team members will listen to your specific needs and formulate solutions to help you reach your goals. During your consultation, we will introduce you to the variety of services that we offer, expertly creating a plan for you. You are under no obligation ? we sincerely want to help guide you in the right direction for your best outcome.Request a Complimentary Consultation
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