Norse Pagan Shaman
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Boy Man Warrior Leader Shaman This path and I found each other over thirty five years ago in a museum a library and the woods in Minnesota. As a boy the value of ancestors was imprinted on me by those who practice the Shinto path and I was charged to find my ancestors and their path. Naturally the path of the warrior is a major part of my blood so I wore the boots of a soldier and a mercenary for most of my adult life. Investigation, Intelligence, Medical and Special Operations were my fields of work,  all the while practicing my ancient path in solitude learning to integrate the old ways with the new. After many years of work and leadership on that path I fell Ill of mind body and spirit. I walked away to heal myself, or to die, fully ready to accept either I started reevaluating everything I learned and understood. Learning and unlearning and tearing down my construct of reality I became aware of patterns of programming and dogma that would not survive my rebirth. Through hard discipline,  I let them die. What survived and  was created through this process was something unexpected, the recognition and acceptance of a new path and the need for it. I call that Path Shamanism. My path, as I define it, is the empowerment of self, family, kindred, tribe and nation, of Mind Body and Spirit, as our ancestors would, using every tool available. Cultivating my folksoul and the foulksoul of others. Keeping open the ways between worlds. This path is over  four hundred thousand years old, nothing new about it at all.  When shaman are needed shaman are there, indigenous to every culture as I am to mine. 
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