Michael "Big Dog" Murphy
During his career, the road he has followed is fairly typical of his generation of artists, fueled by excess, and tempered by passion. But all through the good times and the dark times have remained an urgent desire to perform, to write, and to sing. Of his desire to play, [Murphy] says, "You know, it's like being on a therapist's couch when I'm on stage!" A Different Shade Of Blues describes his creative and entertaining playing style. His playing style is a more aggressive interpretation of the songs that he covers, that is driven by passion and guided by his heartfelt emotions. And when playing the blues, he stays true to the feeling but takes a different approach by delivering a mix of traditional with a twist for the unexpected. Come spend an evening with him as he paints the night with colors from his palette of emotion, passion, and love of his craft, with brushes made of wood, steel, and voice. So, watch the calendar! Whether with his band, the MOB, or another more acoustic project, Michael will soon be headed to a venue near you!! And, as he always tells folks at the end of his shows, "I'll see you folks down the road!"
Michael Murphy
Jerry Sizemore
Kelly Krug
Maximus rock band was formed in 2014 and has accomplished quite a bit in its existence. We’re just getting started so stick around and see what else we have in store for 2021
Amy Wertenberger
True Metal Nation
Welcome to all Mainstream/Old School Metal fans!! (Traditional Metal, N.W.o.B.H.M. Hard Rock, Doom Metal, Speed Metal, Powe Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal and other 70s/80s subgenres).
Shahin Achack
April cassata
Austine Thorsten
The Viking Piper
The Viking Piper is a fire service and private bagpiper with 15 years experience, available for hire for your special event or occasion. He is available as a soloist or a variable size band can be assembled as you desire. Some common events include: Weddings and/or Receptions Funerals/Memorials Grand Openings Ceremonies & Banquets Birthdays and Party's Please contact The Viking Piper today to discuss your next event!
Nat Erickson
Mary Bodiford
Suzie Richendollar