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A place for people to discuss everything related to NESARA/GESARA. Bring your knowledge. Ask questions. Answer questions. Share details.
Casual Preppers
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On behalf of Lee Keen, we'd like to welcome you to our bug out location for the main Casual Preppers group. This is a non violent group to share prepping ideas about alternative power, better gardening, first aid, gadgets, off grid alternatives, food shelters and current events. Be Adults!! To correspond with Lee's original rules, no cussin, arguing, politics or religion and no pimping your group, youtube channel or personal business without consulting an admin for approval so we can verify validity to protect other members. Direct attacks on other members are not permitted and will result in your immediate dismissal. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but keep it civil. Keep posts & comments prepping related.
The Coming Storm
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The Coming Storm began on Facebook in 2016. It was a place for many to share vetted world news, medical information, survival training and so much more. Not long ago, I moved most of it here to Wimkin, but unfortunately it got wiped with the hack. I'll start all over as I am done with fascistbook. Facebook, who banned my admin and contributors was going to remove that Fb site anyway. This site starting on September 11th might be a sign. Please do not post irrelevant topics or advertisements. I'll try to bring people on over and recruit some new people here. Be patient as I set this up, once again. ?? For now I'll keep the site open to the public, but I know I'm going to get a few problem children that way. Please do not post irrelevant memes or advertisement as that's a quick way to get kicked. This site is for serious information.
Family Preparedness
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This group was created for people to share information about preparedness. It is family oriented and posts must be teen appropriate. Feel free to share anything that would affect how you prep, ways to prep, questions about preparedness and anything that ties in. Rules are simple: 1. Teen appropriate. No nudity. 2. Treat others with respect. We can all have different opinions and voice them but we must not insult others in the process. 3. Everything you see here can not be guaranteed as accurate, safe, approved or recommended by governing agencies. Please do your own research and determine what you feel is safe and appropriate for your values, situation, and family.