The Be THAT Mom Movement: Digital safety for kids
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Welcome welcome welcome to the Be THAT Mom Movement Community!! ??This is YOUR safe space to be THAT mom that is proactive for yourself and your family while raising kids in our digital world. ??As moms, we are facing a new realm of parenting that cannot be ignored and is not easy. ??Whether your kid is younger or older, its never too soon or too late to be THAT mom, from a place of love, so if you are a mom, youre in the right place!??My mission is to create a judgment-free space for YOU to be 100 % yourself, share your story, and get genuine support within a caring environment of other moms just like you! ??Im Dolly, the founder of the Be THAT Mom Movement and the host of the Be THAT Mom Movement Podcast. ??I am also a mom x 3, a nurse practitioner, a nutrition and fitness enthusiast and wellness coach. ??It was in the really difficult moments of raising my kids in this digital world, that I realized I needed to be proactive, but didnt know where to start. ??Now Im here to create that space I so desperately needed, so together, we can be the moms that our children need in this realm of parenting.???Learn More- resources for digital parenting: With Me: ??* ?* ?* ?* ?* ??DOLLY I HAVE QUESTIONS/CONCERNS??Email or msg me (Im here to help!) ??* ?* ???RULES??Please Understand The Following????This group is a safe space for all to share. ???Absolutely no mean comments will be accepted.???No shaming, no judgement, no promotions.????Now... PLEASE add all of the THAT Moms(or want to be THAT Moms) that you know!! Our childrens future depends on being THAT mom strong... together!!?
Promises of Hope
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Dedicated to fighting human trafficking and child abuse . . locating missing children/adults. . . . be a voice for the innocent, strength for the vulnerable and soldier for every child! We will never be silenced!  Veribella Brand Partner . . .every purchase helps support organizations to fight human trafficking!
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Turn off your TeLieVision and Research
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This group is about bringing awareness and attention to SavingOurChildren? also not to stereotype conspiracy theorist and people with different opinions so we don't disregard their information just cause it may be important and researching every resource will lead you to a better conclusion. We need to come together and break down all the information for what it is so that way we can come to our own conclusions in the end. ???
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Am Done For
Liberating Innocence From Evil
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Children are the single most important asset for a bright and prosperous future. We must protect and serve all children. To many children all over the world are not being heard and are being shut out of conversations. It is time they are heard! We will be their voice and help them become stronger.                What we do now we will serve as an information resource center for the public through social medias. Our job is to help families and victims by sending them through the proper channels such as lawyers in their area that specialize in abuse, sexualization of minors or trafficking cases. As well as the right organizations to preform rescue missions such as task forces and branches of law enforcement. We will be making connections with rehabs around the globe so we can connect victims to rehabilitation and support centers near them with therapy and will help them overcome obstacles such as PTSD, or forced drug addictions for sex trafficked victims.   Soon we will be up and fully running. We will start taking donations, having fund raisers and or protests to raise funds for needy familys and helpless chldren.
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We are a group against child trafficking and also fighting CPS. We help educate on the dangers of trafficking by providing true facts and statistics, and update and make known the perpetrators who commit these heinous crimes against our children. CPS and Foster care play a huge role in trafficking by illegal activities of taking children on false accusations , and adoption to pedophiles. Once a child leaves the Foster system, either by aging out or running away , the system no longer follows up on them . A run away Foster child is usually not even reported missing. We try to help you keep your children by fighting the system fairly and referring you to people and resources that can help. We are not attorneys we just care .
Rescue Our Children
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Rescue Our Children is a group for anyone and everyone to help spread the word on whats going on behind our backs. There are still a lot who are not awake yet and dont realize how horrific things are out there. I have to warn yall, there may be content in here that is not easy for you to digest, but its only to make you aware. I welcome anyone who would like to join as long as you keep it drama free. There will be no hate or discrimination tolerated. Lets try to keep the topics about saving our children and anything affiliated with that.
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