The original group from MeWe 12000 members strong with Alex Jungle as the creator of the group, group deleted by MeWe with zero explanations and zero warning and 100% censorship
They will not silence us. We will go back on MeWe, FB, Twitter and get EVERYONE ON THIS GROUP! Gab doesnt censor and will work great in the future. We will continue our work here
We are organizing and the first step is to get the whole team here from MeWe, Parler, gab. So we will need to share the link and invite everyone here to mount a counterattack. With truth, we are not violent, but they will not mess with us! No more. We will get everyone on this platform. We are taking their base. Patriot Party is global
Patriot Party welcomes artists and all creative persons.
We have gathered 110 usd from donations, keep them coming to organise a lot of new projects. 5 wonderful people donated: nicholas, melinda, lisa, douglas and linda
Donations are done via paypal at
If you don't like paypal, to support Patriot Party buy one Aulterra product from this link:
We are patriot party and we will continue our MeWe work here on Gab. Same status, same energy, even more