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Lynda Day

Female. Born on March 28, 1950.

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Lynda Day
How disgusting he would say that.
Angry (3)
Michael Blankenship
Hopefully they just quietly let him walk.
April 20, 2021
Mary Carini
Not real people. Not real trial. Gutfield is funnier than hell. And I am trying to be polite as I wait for this deliriously long movie to f-ing end.😖
April 20, 2021 Edited
Darrell Horton
THAT’S WHAT IT SAYS! BBC anchor asked what Chauvin verdict says to police departments across the country. I’ll tell you what it says to them - quit police work and find another job! Why should they put their lives and their family’s future in jeopardy trying to keep peace in black communities wh... View More
April 20, 2021