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Rape victim is forced to quit her therapy sessions because she feels threatened by a 6ft trans woman in men's clothes who - a woke charity insists - has as much right to be there as she does! #Bright... View More
⚠️⚠️"WOKE LIBERAL CANCELS ISIS SURVIVOR"⚠️⚠️ 🔴 WOKE LIBERAL POISON: Spreads Into Canada As An #ISIS Survivor Who Escaped Torture, Rape & Death Is Canceled Because #Woke Liberal Was Afraid Her Story W... View More
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PODCAST: A Perfect Example of Why the Media Must Wait for the Facts Before Coming to a Conclusion All too often the mainstream media jumps to kneejerk conclusions about tragic events in an attempt to... View More
The woke mob wants to replace virtue with 'correct-think' Young people are being taught that goodness isn’t found in forgiveness, fortitude and courage, but in reciting fashionable cultural mantras ... View More
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