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The Silent Majority
It's occurs to Us, how historic the task is that has been laid at our feet. Our grandparents failed to listen, our parents refused to listen, now it is on us, and I for one, do not plan on passing the buck to the next generation! It is only this bad because it has gone unchecked for so long! We must rally for freedom!! We must unite for all that is good in the world! We must take on this task for the preservation of our constitution and country! Fellow patriots it is time we enact those parts of the constitution that our forefathers knew to put in it to ensure that the people will always control this country! There is no other time since our founding, that our country has needed us more!! Come and meet with us and let’s do something so historic that they will be talking about this for centuries to come!! Let’s take our country back!!!!
Christian Patriots
This is a group celebrating faith, freedom, and the greatest nation on earth. Anything to do with life, liberty, joy, and Jesus is welcome. Please feel free to share your memes, photos, and inspirations with us. And, we'll keep it classy, of course, because that's what we are!
Made in the USA Store
We are creating a Made in the USA Store where everything is Made in the USA, so we named it just that - Made in the USA Store! We're posting on eBay right now and are in the process of building our own site. We are a Small Family Owned Business. We are starting slowly because we are Debt Free and started from nothing. Everything is Made in the USA 🇺🇸