Exodus Community Awakening Foundation Ug
Exodus Community Awakening Foundation is concerned with the situation of children in Uganda. We do our best to provide those kids with food, Educational Material, clean water, basic medications, and hygiene and wellness supplies. Exodus Community Awakening Foundation Ug Reg No. WCBO/20/6190 is located 2.7km off Bujjuko Mityana Road in Magoma Village. ECAFUg seeks to provide education, Love, Hope and Care for the Orphaned and Abandoned children of Uganda. AIDS has wiped out an entire generation of parents; forcing thousands of children never receive an education, Parental Love and Care. No education. No HOPE. We currently support 25 children aged between 3 to 15 years Old at our Home. With an addition of 45kids in our outreach program. We make sure all their basic needs are met and each of them needs to be enrolled in either a local village school, day or boarding school. Orphans and abandoned children are always confronted with immense psychological and social problems, as they grow older and they are also vulnerable to maltreatment, economical, sexual and exploitation due to lack of care and protection HIV and AIDS scourge compounded with high poverty levels have aggravated the situation of orphans in Uganda. In most regions of the country,most orphans are acutely malnourished in a country whose economy is largely driven by agriculture. With an economically weakened and overstretched traditional African extended family system that can no longer work effectively to address the high burden, most children find themselves without proper social support with the incapacitation and death of their parents. The future of these children remains very unpredictable. This always denies them a chance to access their basic needs such as proper health care, education shelter and nutrition. Orphans suffer stigma, stress and trauma in addition to the loss of parental love, care and protection and more often they are disinherited by their next of kin. The above situation exposes orphans to different forms of abuse and exploitation; physical abuse, defilement, sexual exploitation, child labour, and early marriages while more flock to streets to fend for themselves. Indeed cases of child abuse have become a common feature in Uganda with only a few of these being reported to the relevant authorities.
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Good Care Children Ministry Mityana Uganda
Briefly iam a pastor ministering good care children ministry, in mityana Uganda Africa. Good Care Children Ministry is a Non Governmental Organization registered by the Government of Uganda and it has a certificate which grants permission that it carries out its activities in Uganda. Good Care Children Ministry is a Ministry looking after HIV, children and needy and orphans.
Good Care Ministry
Made In The USA
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Freedom Lake - Patriot Network
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