Scams & Scammers
All about the pestilences known as "Scams and their Scammers"! How to detect them, how to repels them, how to ignore them... AND NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! NEVER! FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER! ANDDDDD CUT THEM OFF! Do Not Communicates With these PESTS! They are Narcissists-Sociopaths-Psychopaths, THEY THINKS YOU OWES THEM. THEY ARE WRONG. WE DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING!
Ruby Parker
First Social - Where Free Speech Exists
FirstSocial | Where Free Speech Exists HOW TO INSTALL OUR APP: Go to your mobile browser and depending on your phone, there should be a button to add the website to your home screen. Doing this actually installs our app to your phone. built FirstSocial so we can get away from big tech and get our free speech back. This is a free network but it has grown rapidly. We launched 2 days ago and already have almost 40k members.
Loving E Ranch (Home of Maids A Milkin’ Dairy Goats)
Welcome to the Loving E Ranch home to Maids A Milkin’ dairy goats!! We raise different kinds of animals here on the ranch but focus on quality French Alpine dairy goats. We hope you love our goats and critters as much as we do!! We love sharing our stories of life here on the ranch and hope you enjoy them too!!
Paula Elliott
Michael griffin
Silvo sipek
Australian Liberty & Freedom
Australian Liberty & Movement Page is for information purposes only. We are not responsible for the information shared on this page. In other words, take your woke ass, communist crap somewhere else. If you do not know your Constitution you don't have a Constitution. If you do not know your Rights, you don't have any Rights. Free Australia, Free Hong Kong, Commies stink of a dirty Pong.
Sheán MainBeach
Silvo sipek
R & R Co.
As leaders, what motivates us is enabling others to thrive and succeed. Our mission is to help people achieve their goals and dreams by providing you with the guidance to build a global online digital business.
Rachelle Robles
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