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Jeff Hertzog

Male. Lives in Bethlehem, United States. Born on April 6, 1961.
About Me
I am an Independent Non Denominational, Non Affiliated Bible Believing Christian:
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God help us
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Hello how are you doing?
18 minutes ago
Jeff Hertzog
Reminder: if any of you like my work: please donate to my Internet Radio Station Radio America USA - http://www.radioameriausa.com thank you!
Jeff Hertzog
Jeff Hertzog
Les Feldick #LesFeldick #BibleStudy #kjv - 1 - Les Feldick Bible Study Lesson 1 - Part 1 - Book 1 - Attributes of #God https://youtu.be/aPUfMIuHo1Q
Jeff Hertzog
The Robert Scott Bell Show #rsbellmedia - Tuesday October 27, 2020 - Post-pandemic predictions, Brian Festa, Shool masks, Vaccine Roulette https://youtu.be/c1G3PcgR5b4
Jeff Hertzog
Cardi B Freaks Out: ‘Trump Supporters Are Everywhere,’ Swarming L.A. with ‘Big A** Trucks’ https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2020/10/26/cardi-b-scared-by-trump-supporters-swarming-los-angeles-i-... View More
Jeff Hertzog
Jeff Hertzog
BOMBSHELL AUDIO! Hunter Biden Confesses Partnership With “The F**king Spy Chief of #China”#JoeBiden Named In Criminal Case Witness https://gellerreport.com/2020/10/hunter-laptoo-biden-commie-china.... View More
Jeff Hertzog
Bradlee Dean of the Sons of Liberty Radio & Media: #sonsoflibertymedia #Bradleedean White House Correspondent Dr. June Knight-President Is Asking ALL States To Celebrate UN Day.. https://youtu.be/bIx1... View More
Jeff Hertzog
Tim Brown, Editor of the #SonsofLiberty Radio & Media #sonsoflibertymedia - What do Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh & SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts Have In Common? https://youtu.be/8eHfeT_o8ko
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