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Publish Date: November 11, 2020

About ChatterSoupe.

Let’s chat about ChatterSoupe. We are a professional company focusing on heterosexual women’s mental and behavioral wellness. Specially, we focus on women addressing worry, anger, sadness, adjustments, and trauma with talk therapy.

But we also help men.

There’s lots of general therapists in Connecticut. They offer varying services and accept all clients. That’s OK, however, many don’t stay up to date with research. It’s the lack of focus.

Counseling for Women: mix a new point of view, also lets you know how we practice. We engage you through specialized focused approaches that are sometimes considered an alternative therapy. We believe in the research and outcomes from Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Structural Family Therapy. These are specific theory approaches focusing on women ‘s needs; which is not common in psychotherapy.

Benefits For You.

Training for helping a person who has trauma or related symptoms is intense. The provider needs to know the art of helping, the theories and techniques. Using psycho-education, we help you learn to recognize nervous system reactions and re-intertwine feelings with those reactions. By doing this, you can speak about experiences and understand what is happening when you are triggered.

Usually, work begins by helping you recognize a trigger (which is a situation, experience, sound, smell, etc.) and then determine whether there is an actual threat. Or if you are responding to a vivid memory that seems real in the moment.

Avoid the Pill

ChatterSoupe understands that lots of folks like the pill approach. Take a pill and the pain is gone for a little while. That’s not what we do.

We offer a lifetime investment in you. You make a commitment to change your life. Then, for most people, symptoms appear less frequently.

Further, thanks to your wise investment, the knowledge is yours for the rest your life. It’s kinda like earning a college degree about you! But it takes time to change the neuroplasticity of the brain and it takes a trusting relationship with the right therapist.

Trauma experiences are a common part of living life. It is caused by numerous experiences, a collection of events, or a single happening. It may have occurred early in life or more recently. However, whether or not it affects a person enough to seek therapy depends upon that individual’s vulnerabilities and strengths.

Choosing the Right Therapist for You.

The thing is — for lots of women seeking therapy can be threatening. Because today ladies are taught to be strong and stubborn. Society has taught that strong and stubborn is necessary to match the men.

There’s nothing innately wrong with being strong and/or stubborn. However, it’s only good for the individual when used at the right times. When you suffer, you need help and support.

Many ladies seek privacy and full confidentiality. This is another difficult feat in today’s society due to the belief in transparency and sharing of information. Some things just are NOT meant to be shared with the world.

How We’re Different.

ChatterSoupe understands the challenging schedules of women. First, we offer virtual talk therapy. We’re Board Certified in Telemental Health. It means we’ve done the extra work to ensure your online therapy experience is top quality.  Second, we come to you (your home, office, hospital room, church, coffee shop, park etc), because sometimes there’s no alternative to meeting in-person. Touch is an essential part of being human.

We do this because it eliminates your drive, helps you to avoid missed appointments and fits easily into your busy life. This encourages more time for your calm, curious and connected Self.

Consider our walk-n-talk sessions. Research demonstrates that movement in association with talking helps to make changes and gain insights more quickly. Plus, many of us need more physical activity.

There’s no need to wait. You can schedule your first appointment by clicking here. We’d love to hear you thoughts on the unique approaches that ChatterSoupe offers. Please leave a comment below.

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