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We are a group against child trafficking and also fighting CPS. We help educate on the dangers of trafficking by providing true facts and statistics, and update and make known the perpetrators who commit these heinous crimes against our children. CPS and Foster care play a huge role in trafficking by illegal activities of taking children on false accusations , and adoption to pedophiles. Once a child leaves the Foster system, either by aging out or running away , the system no longer follows up on them . A run away Foster child is usually not even reported missing. We try to help you keep your children by fighting the system fairly and referring you to people and resources that can help. We are not attorneys we just care .
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No political posts, no posts of accusations without searchable proof, and no conspiracys. The is strictly for all children in distress for any reason. No witch hunts!
Down The Rabbit Hole - Unveiling The Truth
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This group is for those that are interested in being more informed outside of that of the mainstream perspective pertaining to truth and transparency. It is an information vault for critical discourse from an alternative perspective and may contain information, some with a sensitive nature. It has been created with the intention of bringing full awareness to the things that are taking place across the world and are being covered up by the deep state. Group Disclaimer: This is a private group where information of a sensitive nature MAY be shared. Any such information should NOT be shared outside this group.
Fuck the system  #SaveOurChildren
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Like minded people that are awake, fuck the sheep, fuck the the pedos, fuck the system and fuck Corona virus, fuck all them power elite nonce cunts. Say what you want, be free, express yourself here, such a great platform. This is a group to educate people on the basis of the corrupt goverment cunts, pedo rings and working together with our USA buddy's, together we can make such a difference to awake people, time to dig into the rabbit ? hole and help one another understand what the fuck it is going on. Love and light all Namaste ?
Our children matter
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I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child from the ages of 8 to 10 and I always thought it was my fault and it ruined my life for years it still affects my life now ! I created this group to bring awareness to Human Trafficking and sexual abuse of children !! I dont want another child to feel the way I did I will do whatever it takes to bring awareness and help these children!! The tshirt I have is sold thru a local store and what proceeds are made go directly to Operation Underground Railroad!! And Tim Tebow Foundation ?? Link to Order shirt ? https://kdshirtshop.com/product/save-a-child-shoot-a-pedophile/
Save Our Children
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Please feel free to share anything regarding the well being of children all over the world. Bringing awareness to human/child trafficking and child abuse. SaveOurChildren