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Share your knowledge of the WIMKIN app and answer questions to those that are just learning how to navigate WIMKIN. A group for people to ask questions on how the WIMKIN app works.  Most of us are new to WIMKIN and some have been here for a couple / few months.  Jason gets flooded with basic "how-to" questions so hopefully, this group can help.  Please respect all questions, don't be rude no matter how many times we have answered that question.
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Tara Ross is a history teacher that blogs well-thought out highly informative history lessons. I intend to share her posts on Wimkin so we can all enjoy them. I, in no way, intend to take credit for them. All posts will be the work of and copyrighted by Tara Ross. Mother, wife, author, retired lawyer -- American! History posts & commentary are copyright 2013-2019 by Tara Ross
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This is the place to find real news that is both important and not easily found.
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Come in and join to grow in the knowledge of the world past and present. Feel free to post any insight you have gained in knowledge over the years. All comments and posts are welcomed.
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The world is at your feet.? Homeschool tips and info.? Our liberty to teach our children is our right.
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