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A place to buy, sell, or trade 2nd Amendment items. Please obey ALL LAWS! It is your responsibility to ensure that you are not violating the law! Please be respectful and civilized in your exchanges. God bless America and remember to fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment!
Roy Karlen
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This is a group to talk and discuss airguns and general info; to share, post, and gather information related to the air gun hobby. THIS GROUP IS U.S.A BASED ONLY!!! English-speaking only. BE SURE TO ANSWER THE POLL ABOUT "REGIONS OF THE USA". Politics, religion, and conspiracy theory-based topics are off-limits for discussion. No pimping your group, youtube channel, or personal business endeavors without permission from an ADMIN. The "Marketplace" (Listings) within this group is available for airgun-related items to sell, buy, or trade. Powder-burner items need to be posted in the larger Marketplace for Wimkin, not within this group. Such posts will be removed if posted in this group's Marketplace. Use your own judgment when providing personal information. The logistics and transactions are your responsibility; not those of the group, administrators, or Wimkin. Cursing or attacks on another member will not be tolerated and will lead to your immediate dismissal. PICTURES OF ANIMALS HARVESTED WITH AIRGUNS WILL BE POSTED. IF THIS OFFENDS YOU, EITHER MOVE ON OR REFRAIN FROM COMMENTING. Be courteous, encouraging, supportive, and respectful. Keep it classy! There you have it.