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Donald Jones
Facts about The Book of Mormon and Church Doctrine. 1. The Book of Mormon has over 4,000 questions in it. It was translated from Reformed Egytian and other Semetic languages. The Pearl of Great Price ... View More
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Wesley Ryan McDougald
There are some huge problems with the Book of Mormon. As stated above, the Book of Mormon was translated from "Reformed Egyptian." However no such language has ever been known to exist. Since the original text was written on plates that were taken back to heaven, they can't be examined. It also be... View More
October 28, 2020
Wesley Ryan McDougald
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints CANNOT BE the only true and living church on earth. The Mormon religion was officially founded in 1830 when The Book of Mormon was published. History proves that Mormons did not exist before Joseph Smith and the 19th century. Was there no Christianity ... View More
October 28, 2020